Have a Good Forever LP on Injection Records

12 inch single from 1986


The Cool Notes started out in the early 1970s as a lover's rock group. That genre of music was a British version of Jamaican reggae, but with a smoother edge to it on the whole, and most of the songs by it's many exponents were about affairs of the heart. Steve McCintosh, Lauraine McIntosh, Ian Tunstall, Heather Austin, Peter Wright, Lee Gordon, and J C produced a number of sweet sounding singles towards the end of the decade. My Tune and I Will Always Love You were among The Cool Notes’ most remembered songs of that era, and gave them local hits around Britain. They even produced a cover version of Tom Jones’ Its Not Unusual.

During the early 1980s, they changed their style and began to make soul and dance music. I wanna Dance, You're Never Too Young, and I Forgot were popular singles on the soul music scene in 1984, but the following year was to be their most fruitful to date. Spend The Night, and In Your Car, earned them well deserved hits on the UK national charts, and Into The Motion attracted a positive reception the next year. David Baptiste and Canute Wellington performed on their LP Have a Good Forever, which was released on the Injection label. But after all their achievements, they seemed to disappear from the music business alltogether. However, they still continued to tour the nightspots doing PAs to promote their recordings, right up to the 1990s.

Lorraine McIntosh has provided backing vocals for the late George Michael during one of his tours, and has since become a new member of Jamiroquai.

*updated 21 September 2017


Their hit record from the spring of 1985

12 inch single