The irrepressible Normski.

Normski and co. in action

Naughty By Nature visit during 1991


In 1990 Dance Energy a series dedicated to dance, rap, and hip hop music was shown during BBC 2's DEF II strand on Monday evenings. Hosted by the irrepressible Normski a music photographer and executive produced by Janet Street-Porter, it was soon regarded as a lively and unmissable alternative to shows like Top of the Pops. This was undoubtedly due to Normski’s energetic and quick-fire presentation, which often dictated his shouting and making hand gestures towards the camera. The sample laden theme tune was co-written by Dave Dorrell who went on to co-present another dance oriented show BPM.

The first series was much like Top of The Pops, as there were guests and an audience of youngsters dancing on the studio floor. Americans PM Dawn, Yoyo, and Naughty By Nature, and British rappers The Ragga Twins and The Rebel MC were among many who made an appearance. Even brit-funk groups D-Influence and Incognito were featured on one edition. There were also recorded segments on the US dance and rap scene and it’s artists, and also about the latest fashions in the UK. Lisa I’Anson provided a voice over for the news section of the programme. In one segment of the show called Style Squad, Normski became an officer of the SCP (Street Cred Patrol), who would approach members of the public and praise or punish them on their clothing style…Or lack thereof.

A second and third series were produced, but the show disappeared from TV screens in 1992.


The Rebel MC

Opening titles for series 2

The Style Squad in full effect