Graham De Wilde

Nigel Martinez


This group, featured the vocal talents of Graham De Wilde, and the musical talents of drummer-cum-producer Nigel Martinez. Both had released funk albums of their own before joining the band, and De Wilde was especially well know for his jingles and library music, which usually adorned news and sports channels.

The Wikka Wrap, the first of their novelty singles from 1981, paid a playful homage to the late Sir Alan Whicker, a journalist who hosted his very popular travel series Whicker’s World on British television from various countries across the globe. It began in the early 1950s, and lasted more than 40 years. Whicker was renowned for his tailored suits and upper-crust accent, which De Wilde parodied perfectly, and he even composed one of the series' themes. The track was co-written and co-produced by Martinez, De Wilde, and producer Adrian Sear, and the melody borrowed heavily from American jazz trumpeter Tom Browne, and disco group Chic.

Their other single Jock's Rap and it's B side Let's Dance also borrowed their basslines from Grandmaster Flash, at a time when rap was just begining to make it's presence felt on pop charts worldwide.

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Groove Records' version of the 12" inch single

12" inch single