As Time Goes By single

7" single

Die hard fans of this group, may well remember their impromptu appearance at a Wimpy hamburger bar in London’s Leicester Square. An unusual venue for an unusual group, which comprised vocalists Kadir Guirey, Simon Olliviere, and Nick Jones, guitarist Sagat Guirey, Toby Anderson on synths, drummer Terry President, and bassist Tom Dixon. They were ironically signed to London Records a subsidiary of the eponymous Decca label, and produced a clutch of singles beginning with As Time Goes By. This earned them an appearance on Top Of The Pops back in 1981. The band were among the first Britsh musicians in the UK to utilise rap in their music, along with pop funksters Modern Romance.

In The Crime Of Life, and Run Run Run, were included on their first and only LP in 1982 which was produced by August Darnell, who often made appearances along with his coconuts, as the lovable rogue Kid Kreole. The set contained a mixture of funk, latin and reggae influenced songs, which although catchy, were sometimes let down by lack-lustre execution. Despite this, many of the tracks on the album had a very raw and energetic quality, which was quintessentially Brit-funk.

After the group's demise, Toby Anderson alighted to pop-funk band Curiosity Killed The Cat, whilst Tom Dixon entered a new career as a furniture designer.

Debut LP

7" single