12 inch single

Debut Find Your Way LP from 1993

Second album from 1998

After some encouragement from her cousin, Gabrielle reluctantly performed at the talent night of a club, singing cover versions. The manager suggested that she seriously consider making a demo of an origninal song, to which she agreed. But on the day of the studio recording, she still had no material prepared. On the way there, she decided to use some words she had written and kept in a book of notes and lyrics, about the many years of having her hopes of success dashed. After it’s release in 1992, Dreams, which used the music from Fast Car by Tracy Chapman, became very popular on the nightclub scene. Then over a year later her debut single was remixed as sample clearance was not granted, and soared to number 1, helping her gain a Brit award for Best Newcomer. Her subsequent LP Find Your Way, featured other hits such as Because of You and Going Nowhere, and it seemed that she had finally achieved her dream.

At that time, Gabrielle had quite a striking and unique look, as her hair was trimmed short and fashioned in a wavy 1920s style, and she wore a sequined patch to conceal an eye condition. She surprised herself by becoming pregnant soon after, eventually giving birth to her son. But these happy times were soon under a cloud, as some personal problems engulfed her. she decided to retreat from public life in order to raise her child, and reorganise herself.

On her return, she had yet another chart topper with the 1960s influenced Give Me A Little More Time from her second album Gabrielle, and If Your Really Cared was a cathartic release about the many personal traumas she had faced during her absence. In 1999 her third set Rise, contained another number 1 in the title song, which used the backing track to Bob Dylan’s Knocking On Heaven’s Door. This continued success, allayed her fears of being considered a one hit wonder, or pop puppet. And although like Sade, she is not regarded as an artist who makes exclusively black music in the most commonly known sense, over the years Gabrielle has proved herself to be an important and very popular singer songwriter. This was consolidated, when she given an Ivor Novello award in 2008.

In 2001, she appeared on the soundtrack for the film Bridget Jones with the song Out Of Reach, and a compilation of her previous hits became one of the year's best selling albums. 2004 saw the release of the LP Play To Win, and in 2007 the album Always.


2001's Rise LP

Play To Win

Always from 2007