T Roy Morris

Phil Fearon


Kandidate were a seven piece band from West London, who appeared on a TV talent show called New Faces, which was transmitted on the now defunct ATV network for more than 10 years. One of it’s celebrity judges was the late Mickie Most, a record producer who signed them to his Rak label. An entrepreneur who had a keen eye and business instinct for commercially viable acts, Most became very successful by nurturing the many pop music stars on his roster, such as Mud and Suzi Quatro, who all but dominated the UK's charts during the early and middle 1970s. But labelmates like these may not have augured well for Kandidate’s credibility.

After their initial foray onto vinyl with I'm Coming (Wait For Me) on another label, their subsequent singles on Rak were Don't Wanna Say Goodnight, Girls Girls Girls, and their biggest hit I Don't Wanna Lose You in March 1979, which also appeared on the soundtrack to the movie Sunburn starring former Charlie's Angel Farrah Fawcett-Majors. T Roy Morris was the vocalist, and on it's B side, was the magnificent What Are You Gonna Do

Accompanying Morris were Tambi Fernando (Guitar and vocals), Phil Fearon (Guitar and vocals), Alex Bruce (Percussion), Lloyd Phillips (Drums), Ferdie (Bass), and Bob Collins (Percussion). The Band headed into the 1980s with the singles Let Me Rock You, I'm Young, I Want To Be Yours, Falling In Love, and their second chart entry Can't Say Bye.

Unfortunately, they never released an LP.

7" inch single

Their single which nudged the top 10