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David Grant and Peter Martin became fast friends after they first met, and realised they had common musical interests. They decided to form a group, and began contacting labels with some songs they had written. Facing disinterest from many of the record companies they approached, they had to pool their money together in order to press copies of their demo, and then took them around record stores. After gaining good sales and major airplay on both pirate and legal radio stations, they were eventually signed by Chrysalis and re-released their first single You're Lying which became a hit, and a dancefloor filler in the nightclubs during 1980. In the Autumn of that year the duo appeared on Top Of The Pops to promote it, along with keyboardist and producer Bob Carter, drummer Andy Duncan, and guitarist Canute Edwards. Grant provided the lead vocals while Martin played bass guitar, and an album release soon followed in order to capitalise on their success out-of-the-box. The title track, Intuition, peaked at number 6 in the UK charts during the spring, 1981, and sold over 200,000 copies earning the duo a silver disc. Subsequent singles were Rise And Shine which came backed with I Won't Forget, and I Can't Help Myself.

More songs from their second LP Go Ahead, also reached the charts that year, when Throw Away The Key hit during the summer, and then So This Is Romance towards the Autumn. The danceable melodies of some of their songs, didn't betray the dark nature of their lyrics. Few would realise that Throw Away The Key was actually a song about going insane, unless they took careful notice. Together We Can Shine contained yet more of Sketch's superb basslines, and Urban Refugee was another thought provoking track on the album.

The inevitable concert tours across England and Europe to promote their records took place, one of which was even televised on the now defunct LWT (London Weekend Television) channel. Earlier in their career, the band were accompanied by a backing singer called Junior Giscombe.

By the end of 1982 however, despite the release of some additional singles, the group was no more. Martin started another band called 23 Skidoo, while Grant commenced a quite fruitful solo career in 1983. He gained even more success in 1985 with the duets Mated and Could It Be I'm Falling In Love, a cover version which he sang with Jaki Graham.

Linx are still fondly remembered.

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David Grant with Peter 'Sketch' Martin

12 inch single

12 inch single

Second album Go Ahead