The Eponymous Stevie V


Touchdown began as a quartet featuring Steve Vincent, Alan Braithwaite, Dominic Borg, and Peter Harmsworth. Co-founder Vincent, originated from Bedfordshire which is a county in England, and started his first band with his music teacher. All four members collaborated on their eponymous single Ease Your Mind, which was produced by Nigel Wright, and first appeared on the Record Shack label in 1981, with Auqadance as a B side.

A remix for the American market was co-produced by the legendary Arthur Baker the year after, and was pressed onto various British labels such as Excaliber, and Red Bus. However, Braithwaite’s vocal appeared on most versions that were issued, apart form the one in Spanish. Other singles included Breakout which featured Trevor Ash.

Changes to the line-up of the band, also meant changes to their style of music, as illustrated by The Endzone and Do You Need Me, and most of the founding members were replaced or had departed to their other ventures.

Steve Vincent resurfaced as Stevie V and filled the dancefloors once again, when in 1990 his single Dirty Cash hit number 1 in the charts, and its title became part of the English vernacular much like Sex and Drugs and Rock and Roll did, thanks to Ian Dury.


7" single